Horoscope for Week of Nov 14th

Juliette Viera

Aries weekly horoscope: 

This week you’ll be having a great vibe that tops all the bad moments you’ll probably face, which in all honestly are absolutely nothing compared to other weeks. Your love life might have some success as well. Maybe your matches this week could be the one. This is the perfect season to put your heart out even if you are too scared to do so. If you get too much anxiety over something don’t push yourself towards it anymore. Take a step back and take your time. 

Today’s Matches: Sagittarius, Cancer, Virgo 


Taurus Weekly Horoscope: 

Just like Aries, the romantic aspect of your life is at its peak this month. Don’t get too disappointed if it doesn’t happen though. It could also be a good thing if no one comes by too as this could be saving you from getting burned. Your week seems to be mediocre after all. I’d recommend doing some deep thinking on what you want to do with your life and your priorities. 

Today’s Matches: Aquarius, Leo, Scorpio  


Gemini Weekly Horoscope: 

Wow, so many signs are in the lover eras. Gemini you are another victim. Seems like your next relationship could last a while. You must have found someone really nice, however, you haven’t met this person yet or very well so don’t just go thinking about anyone. There are only less than two months left of 2022, try to resolve any conflicts or negative terms you have with someone before the year ends. It might just allow you to enter a new year on a positive note. 

Today’s Matches: Aries, Libra, Capricorn 


Cancer Weekly Horoscope: 

While others are entering their lover’s era you’re entering your service era. Maybe it’s the holiday season making you want to give back to others now but you seem to tend to everyone’s needs recently. You like to be a people pleaser with those you care about which is a good thing at times but don’t get too comfortable with that. Treat yourself once in a while. Think really deeply about whether or not you should give that gift to a certain person. You might regret it. 

Today’s Matches: Pisces, Virgo, Aquarius 


Leo Weekly Horoscope: 

Okay, something is definitely aligned in the sky for all these signs to have success in their romantic lives. It’s good to lean on someone but don’t get too attached. Your luck could run out in the future. Don’t fret though this relationship will be fun while it lasts. The ending might not be so fun for you. It’s not like you’ll end on bad terms, you’ll just linger too much. Put yourself first. 

Today’s Matches: Taurus, Scorpio, Aquarius


Virgo Weekly Horoscope: 

Along with Cancer, the holiday season seems to be getting the best of you these next few weeks. One thing to keep an eye out for is any family drama. Either within the ones under your roof or the ones under the family tree. The only advice we could give you is to not get involved. Even retelling family gossip will get you into trouble. 

Today’s Matches: Gemini, Sagittarius, Pisces 


Libra Weekly Horoscope: 

Your week seems to be perfectly balanced and stress-free this time. You’ve had your ups and downs in September and October but now it’s time to relax. Reconnect with friends now that the holidays are coming around the corner. All of your charts are high up so take this week to an advantage to spend some quality time with both yourself and your loved ones. Don’t let the little negative moments get you down, just know the positive parts beat them all. 

Today’s Matches: Leo, Aquarius, Taurus 


Scorpio Weekly Horoscope: 

Scopio season is happening, are you having fun yet? It will be ending sooner than you think so take advantage of every opportunity you see. You might be feeling sad about certain things at times or a bit optimistic about what’s going to happen next but don’t fret too much about it. The end of November seems to look like the best time of the year for you. With that, Scorpio 2022 season is over~

Today’s Matches: Virgo, Pisces, Gemini 


Sagittarius Weekly Horoscope: 

While everyone is falling in love with other people, you’ll be falling in love with yourself this fall. If that’s not good news to you just know the signs up top won’t know those relationships will mean nothing in the end. Let’s keep that a secret between you and me. Your confidence will be boosted this month which is just in time for Sagittarius season to begin! You’ll be your best self this winter which on an even better note, will be getting lots of attention from others. Maybe even the ones you have a history with. Again, just our secret. 

Today’s Matches: Virgo, Pisces, Gemini 


Capricorn Weekly Horoscope: 

Let’s not get stuck in the past or think too much about the future. Your issue right now is the present, and how much you’re not giving yourself credit for how you thrive now. Maybe recognition is all you need to feel that confidence, just know you’re doubting too much of yourself and your abilities. On a better note, these next couple of weeks will be a party for you. Say thank you for the holidays. 

Today’s Matches: Virgo, Taurus, Gemini 


Aquarius Weekly Horoscope: 

Just like Libra’s, your week is off to a perfectly mediocre start and finishing off the same way. It’s good to relax and do the things you love once in a while. Use some free time to bond with both new and old friends. Using social media is a great start to reconnecting with middle school pals. This winter season will be a great period of relaxation, so enjoy it while it lasts! 

Today’s Matches: Scorpio, Gemini, Leo 


Pisces Weekly Horoscope: 

The year is almost ending and so is your motivation. Get back on your feet and finish some things you’ve started. Take this time to get some effort and motivation. I’m telling you this because big things are coming your way and it’ll only happen if you make yourself noticeable. Put yourself out there now and don’t be nervous if you’re doing something wrong. All good and bad actions lead to something eventually. 

Today’s Matches: Scorpio, Gemini, Libra