Jr Prom!: Class of 23’ awaiting fashion show

Juliette Viera

Jr Prom just happened, a dance that had all parents questioning “why does your grade have a prom?.” We don’t know why. Class of 2023 is wrapping up the most challenging school year by finishing final exams, APs, the SAT, and the first steps of college applications with an expensive end-of-the-year party you’d either cry or have fun at. Prom is the day where the students feel their best wearing formal attire and dance the night away to mainstream music that can only be danced to by jumping while screaming the lyrics. It’s also the season where Windsor makes its most profit. (This is not sponsored by Windsor.)

However, no one actually cares about the prom event, what we really care about is the fashion, and pictures, but mainly fashion. I, being an amateur fashionista, was the #1 critic of the night. I’ve read enough Vogue magazines to qualify for this. So let’s get started. 

The colors of the night were predicted to be Green and black. The outcome did seem to be similar, however, add blue to the mix too. Many ladies came in multiple shades of green as it was the most popular color of 2021 with the interest in sage green becoming everyone’s favorite. The color blue came in close 2nd as it applies to all genders. I’m guilty of adding to the blue craze too. Black comes in third as the go-to color for all events. Nothing can go wrong with black, it’s simple, minimalistic, and matches everybody. The funeral homes love black too! 

Satin/silk dresses and suits were the stars of the night. I can definitely tell you that almost ½ of the entire room was wearing satin. I am also guilty of this. Of course, it’s not prom, however with never-ending glitter getting everywhere. Lots of beautiful dresses were the culprits of the glitter that is still in my fingernails. Whether it was sewed in rhinestones, sequined dresses, metallic, or even cire fabric, it was shiny and should always be included for prom. 

Mermaid dresses were also the topical silhouette ladies brought to prom. At this age when one grows out of their childhood and slowly grows into the last phase of teenage years, the mermaid dress is the way to go. Plus some of us were blessed with more than others. I am others.  

Now let’s get into the generational disappointments, suits, men in suits, the horrifying black and white suit, the same suit that keeps me up at night, the black-tie attire… I can keep going on about how much I and many others dislike the casual black and white suit. Those suits are only different by the choice of tie. Sure it’s go-to, maybe some guys don’t think twice about their fits, but I do, and I’m disappointed in many of you. Not a single corset suit or sequined harness. It’s the same vibes of the men at met gala’s. 

Some men did come in accessorized and stood out. Instead of the usual white button-up, we did see some victorian inspired blouses and suit lapel pins to spice things up. It’s okay to get a basic suit, basic is always okay, it’s all about accessorizing though. 

Our prom king and queen should be mentioned too. Class president and now jr. Prom King Michael Charney wore his crown with an eye-catching white blazer and black bowtie. It’s a twist from the usual. Straight from the Great Gatsby. The energetic prom queen, Angelie Persaud wore a gorgeous aqua/teal A-line dress that perfectly complemented her hair. Dancing her way down to receive her crown is the ONLY way to win prom queen. Congratulations to the two! 

Of course, this whole prom critic article can’t be done with at least criticizing my own displayed outfit. Never said I was the belle of the ball. I confidently walked into that venue with an $18 satin dress and an un-stemmed shawl. Did I feel happy and pretty? Definitely. It’s fun writing down my opinions, but at the end of the day, everyone looked lovely in fittings that identify what makes them them. If you’re a sage green girlie, then you’re absolutely right that color looked gorgeous on you. If you’re an all-black suit and tie type of guy then sure…that’ll give you justice. 

Till Senior Prom!