Leisure amid COVID-19


Ever since mid-March, our lives have all changed drastically in some way. Keeping yourself occupied isn’t exactly the easiest thing when a lot of places and activities we used to frequently enjoy have been closed or postponed. Although, that didn’t stop people from adjusting and finding ways to occupy themselves in a safe and proactive manner. Musicians have found several ways to keep their audience entertained with live streams, actual Zooms with their fans, and drive-in concerts in a few cities across the country. People are going outside (masked up, of course!) and actually enjoying nature like they never have before. Families are adjusting and having drive-by birthday parties. Sports have made come backs following safety precautions. Actors are now on set once again working on the films and shows we love all while respecting what has to be done in order to maintain safety for one another! If they can respect certain rules we have to follow, so can we!

If you’re still struggling to find a source of entertainment, here are some suggestions you can try out after school or on weekends!
Socially distant picnic with friends
Netflix/streaming parties on Zoom
Bike rides, skating, or just outdoor exercise in general
Downloading the app “Bandsintown” to see scheduled live streams of your favorite musicians.
There is a drive-in movie theater in Greenpoint, Brooklyn overlooking the Manhattan skyline. Incredibly safe and the views are breathtaking.
The Lenape Trail in Montclair is only about 15 minutes away from town! The perfect spot to get in touch with nature and wildlife.

**Don’t forget to wear your mask when not able to social distance :-)**