Things To Do Over Break 10/27/20

Sabrina Stroman


We are coming upon the first big break of the school year and the Kearnian would like to suggest things to do over this break so you can have fun and also be productive.


      1. Get ahead/catch up on schoolwork

Although we are on break and we are meant to relax before going back to classes if you want you can catch up on work that you haven’t completed or get ahead in a class you might be struggling in.


      2. Fix your sleep schedule

Many students find themselves not getting enough sleep at night and often stay up for very long periods of time. The break is a great time to fix your sleep schedule because it gives you enough time to adjust to sleeping at a different time. Also if you keep up a good sleep schedule it’ll help you be more focused in school.


     3. Pick up a new hobby

Learning a new hobby is a great way to strengthen your skills in an area you may be unfamiliar with and you might find it enjoyable. Whether that hobby is learning how to play an instrument, draw, cool, or exercise finding new hobbies is a healthy way to enjoy yourself.


    4. Explore places around you

With the Covid-19 pandemic traveling has been severely sidetracked. Although you may not be able to go far it’s still worth exploring new places close to your home. For example, you can explore a new restaurant, a local attraction, etc.


   5. Relax

Many students are stressed because of the events and circumstances that are going on in the world right now. School can add to that stress and break allows you to forget that stress and relax in whatever way you wish. That could be watching a new show, taking a walk/jog, painting, reading, or whatever else helps you relax.