What did you do over the summer?


Hamzeh Kanaan

This summer is the most productive summer I ever experienced. I have participated in the Upward Bound Math-Science summer program for the past three summers, and we usually do it at Ramapo College’s campus. However, because of COVID-19, we had to do it remotely. During the summer, I spent six weeks taking specially designed courses in science, math, language arts, computer skills, foreign language, and problem-solving skills. Certified high school teachers teach the summer courses, and the curriculum is designed jointly by high school teachers and the Ramapo College math and science faculty. In the afternoon and evenings are filled with study hall, cultural, and recreational activities. After I finished my six weeks full of awards and A’s, I registered at Project Seed Virtual Summer Camp, a four-week online program that aims to strengthen students professionally while preparing them for in-person research either next summer as part of Project SEED or in future research opportunities. After I finished, I received a certification for Chemical Laboratory Safety. After I finished my programs, I felt very bored, and I needed something to do. Then I started to look for a job, and I found one at a local car wash where I worked for a whole month until the school began.