Zoom vs Google Meets


Adrian Linares

Due to the coronavirus pandemic, all students at KHS since March 2020 have been learning remotely. Initially, teachers were using a mix of Zoom and Google Meets (formerly google hangouts) to have meetings and instruct students. Currently, all teachers at Kearny High School are using Google Meets rather than Zoom. However, most students and teachers have experience with both. So which do they prefer?

Out of 16 teachers offered to complete a survey regarding their preference, only 33.3% responded. Of the 33%, 100% voted in favor of Google Meets. Here are some reasons why:

“I have only really used Google Meets. I am not to well versed on Zoom. The way Kearny has the meets set up makes it easier for both my self and the students to use. I also have a lot of training on Google so I am most comfortable with it [sic]”

“I have used Zoom before, but not when teaching”

“Google Meets is a cleaner canvas with many extensions to make class run smoother [sic]”

In comparison to teachers, students had a more diversified answer. 116 students from Kearny High Students viewed the survey, and out of the 116, about 27% responded. 42% were in favor of Zoom, while 58% preferred Google Meets. A student in favor of Google Meets reasoning was that “Zoom has a time limit on calls”. While another felt that, “Zoom has more options and more materials to use while Google Meet doesn’t”.

Overall, it’s fair to say that Google Meets has won the preference of most at KHS and It’s also won the heart of the Kearnian! Every week on Tuesdays we’ll be using it for our virtual meetings. If you’re interested in becoming a member, contact us by emailing: [email protected] or reach out to our club supervisor, [email protected]. Also, be sure to follow us on Instagram and Twitter @thekearnian!