At Home with Mrs. Keim


What is your schedule like on a daily basis?

I start my day at 7AM and I feel like I am working way past the end of the school day. I think that because work is now “home” it is very hard to separate the two. So I may be on my computer at 11PM answering emails and doing work.

Who else is home with you during the day?

Just my dog Bandit! My students know him because he is always at the window in the background and barks at the mailman each day LOL!

If someone is home with you are they also on calls?

No one else but me and the dog during the day!

What is your setup for school?

I have a laptop desk, and last Spring, I would sit on a chair in my living room with that, or outside on my porch sometimes. But I thought it would be better for me this year to have a designated spot so that it felt like “work” and not home. I have a desk set up in an alcove off of my living room with everything that I need… family pics and twinkle lights included!

What is your favorite part about your school office?  

My twinkle lights and family pics. I have some things that I brought from my school desk to make it feel more normal.

How do you feel about distance learning? 

It can’t compare to being with my students in person. I like people a lot, so I don’t like being home alone every day, and I wish I could be in my classroom with everyone. However, with that being said, I would not want to be back until it is safe, and I don’t think that anyone would feel normal being in school right now with all the safety restrictions.