Interviewing Seniors About the Upcoming Election

Julian Iglesias

The 2020 election is less than a month away, and some seniors in Kearny High School can now vote. Nine KHS seniors were surveyed to see if they would vote this year and who they would vote for. Surprisingly, only 1 student is able to vote, the rest are 17 and not old enough. However, they seem eager about voting if they could, and genuinely care about this upcoming election.

Out of the chosen few, it is clear that they favor Joe Biden. Biden got 8 out of the 9 votes, and the student who said he would vote for Trump understood some of his flaws. Some students think Joe Biden isn’t a good candidate but is better than Donald Trump. Others think that Biden will get us through the pandemic and cares more about American’s lives and his Covid-19 plan is better than Trump’s plan.

It is very important to go out and vote especially during these trying times. A good leader is a crucial part of getting over major events like the pandemic we are all living in. Whether you are voting for Joe Biden, Donald Trump, or another candidate, I urge you to go out and vote. These seniors made very good points. I am looking forward to the next election when all of them can vote.