Italian Club Holiday Video

Karla Santamaria

The Italian Club is always busy around the holidays because of the traditional Italian Club Bake Sale. In previous years, teachers and staff would wait impatiently for the bake sale. They would bother Mr. Cacciottolo, the club’s advisor, saying they can’t wait for the bake sale and asking him to give them an exact date. This year, unfortunately, has broken the tradition. A lot of the other language clubs are not even running because they saw no point in still running virtually. 

Mr. Cacciottolo, however, did not give up and brought up the idea for a holiday video. Since the club is famous for their baked goods, the video consists of some of the club members baking and sharing their process. The video also includes some songs and poetry recitation in Italian. Filming and putting the video together was a different experience, but one that has helped the club remain active during distance learning.

Enjoy the video below!

KHS Italian Club Holiday Video