Kearny High Weekly Art Showcase

Michal Wyka

Hello, artists of KHS! We are proud to announce that the Kearnian will be hosting a weekly art showcase. Express yourself! Show everyone your talent. There is no theme as of now, so be creative! The rules for submitting your art are posted below. 


  1. Art must be school-appropriate.
  2. Any type of art is accepted: drawings, digital art, paintings, drawing sculptures, photography, etc. 
  3. Art does NOT have to be new. You can submit any art you have made before. 
  4. To submit your art, take a picture of it and email it to [email protected]. Make sure your name is on it. If you want to be presented as anonymous, please tell us so.  
  5. Each student can submit a maximum of three pieces of artwork. It is recommended to save some of your art for the next issues.