Kearny’s Must Try Student Specials


Kailyn DaSilva

As school is starting back up, students are looking for the most affordable lunch deals and the best food quality. Students residing in Kearny are given the liberty to go out during their lunch period and are stuck on where to go and what to eat. I have tried many of the most popular restaurants on Kearny Ave. and conducted research by asking other students what their favorite student specials are. The five student specials that prevailed among the rest are listed below.


Cumbia: Chicken Combo ($6.00-$7.00)

Cumbia is a well known establishment for high school students. Its chicken combo is not only delicious, but still affordable with the inflation caused by Covid-19. The combo is $6.00 for a large plate of chicken, rice, french fries and a drink of choice. It is an additional dollar to add a side of beans, bringing the total cost to $7.00.

Mr. Nino’s: 2 Slices and a Small Soda ($5.00)

Mr. Nino’s is a well loved pizzeria due to its close proximity to the school. They have some of the best pizza in Kearny and their student special is a steal. Due to inflation the cost went up a dollar compared to before the pandemic, but nevertheless it is an affordable and reliable option.

Hamburgao: Coxinha, Small Fries, and Drink of Choice. ($5.00)

Although many establishments were forced to raise their prices after the pandemic hit, Hamburgao has stuck to their original prices. Hamburgao is the go to spot for Brazilian food for KHS students. Their food is not only well prepared, they also offer great portion sizes. Their coxinhas are exquisite and they offer some of the finest empanadas in Kearny.

Domingo’s: 2 Empanadas and Small Fries ($5.25)

Domingo’s serves a platter of two empanadas (cheese, chicken or beef) with fries and a soda. Their prices had a small inflation of $0.25. Their empanadas are well made and their fries are some of the best in town. They offer perfect dipping sizes of your choice of condiment. Every empanada is as high quality as the others, making Domingo’s student specials reliable and delicious.

Vicentes: Chicken Tenders, Fries and Drink of Choice ($6.00)

Chicken fingers and fries is one of the most reliable lunches for KHS students. Vicentes offers one of the best and cheapest chicken tenders and fries found in Kearny. Students especially love this student special and if you haven’t tried it already, I strongly suggest you do.