Things to do on the Week Off

Sofia Chouaib

Because of the NJEA Convention this week and Veteran’s Day, there are no classes Thursday, Friday, and Monday! With a long weekend ahead of us with no school, what is there to do? You could always sleep in and stay in bed, but a better idea would be to turn this long weekend into a productive one. For starters, many seniors like myself will take this weekend as an opportunity to work on their college applications and apply for scholarships. For all students, this is a time to complete any missing assignments and hand them in because the first marking period is coming to end soon. Don’t forget to fill out the renaissance survey, which can be found on Scoir, to receive renaissance points for the second marking period. Besides the first marking period coming to an end, the fall athletic season is also ending. This is now a chance for athletes to rejuvenate after a great season, but for winter athletes to begin their pre-season training. Try a new hobby or learn a new skill, no matter what you do this weekend, make it a fun and productive one!