The Kearnian’s 2021 Holiday Giftlist

Arwa Ouali

The holiday season is around the corner. Normally Christmas fever begins when December 1st arrives, but due to supply chain backlogs and the pandemic, Christmas has been gaining attention even before Thanksgiving came. The low supply of evergreen and plastic trees is causing many to purchase trees extremely early as well as plan out gifts for the family so that all goods make it home by Christmas Eve.

A year and a half into the pandemic, we have seen our front line heroes from across many fields step up to ensure our society can function. The Kearnian has recognized these individuals and have devised a list of gifts for professions to display our appreciation for their efforts.


1. School Nurse

    1. A Mug
    2. Posters
    3. Personalized Plaque


2.   Teachers

    1. Coffee Maker
    2. Desk Organizer
    3. Activities for their Children


3. Crossing Guard

    1. Keychain Stop Light
    2. Tote Bag
    3. Christmas Ornament


4. Doctors/Nurse

    1. Scrubs
    2. Lotions
    3. Shoes


5. Grocery Store Workers

    1. Sweater
    2. Food Delivery Gift Cards
    3. Candles