Bike Rack Donation from One of KHS’s Own!

Arwa Ouali

Near the plaza, Kearny High has installed new bike racks made by one of KHS’s seniors, Enieylah Herrara. I had the chance to speak with Enieylah and ask about her experience with wielding and how she came up with this idea.


1.When did you begin welding and who introduced you to it?

My Dad has his own welding company, so I grew up watching him weld. It wasn’t until I was 14 that he first introduced me to a hands on welding experience.

2.What were the first couple of projects you learned to weld on?

The first few projects I worked on were ramps for trailers, dump truck repairs such as cracks, and small bucket work for excavators.

3.What has been your most memorable experience while welding?

I actually have two most memorable experiences: repairing a bucket on a Catepillar 980H (a HUGE loader) and my first solo job which was repairing pulverizer teeth.

4.How would you describe your experience with welding and what motivates you to continue working in this male dominated field?

My experience with welding has been unpredictable because you never know what you’re getting yourself into when you get a job, regardless of how much you plan. Since it’s a male dominated field, women are typically underestimated with the skills necessary to complete difficult projects. Welding is a skill that few people are willing to learn or able to master.

5.What inspired you to begin welding bike racks and donate them to KHS?

I’ve always really loved bikes and riding around town. Since starting at KHS, I realized a lot of people bring their bikes to school and were running out of storage space. Being a senior, I wanted to leave my mark and give back to the community, so I worked on this cool, artsy project with my dad and donated them to KHS.