New Vice Principal


Victoria Defranca

Kearny High School is under new management in the vice principal department. Many students may recognize Mr. Tietjen as one of the personal-finance teachers at KHS. However, as of recently, Mr. Tietjen has been appointed the new vice-principal position at Kearny High School. The Kearnian asked him a few questions in order to get an understanding of him as a person and his plans for Kearny High School.

1. Are you excited about your new position?

I am excited about starting a new position and working with Principal Ms. Richardson and Assistant Principal, Mr. Avitable. I look forward to continuing to implement the policies and procedures that make Kearny High School a success.

2. What are your goals as the new Vice-Principal?

My goal as a new Assistant Principal is to continue to provide a safe, educational environment with endless opportunities for our students. I believe this is essential for our students to be successful during and after their years at Kearny High School.

3. How will you try to impact and have a presence with students, especially during the current pandemic?

I plan to have an impact and presence with our students by dropping in their Google Classrooms during the structured learning days. I feel it is important to try and meet the students virtually to establish professional relationships informing them that we are here to assist them any way we can during these difficult times.

4. What are some of your educational philosophies?

As an educator, it is my mission to provide the best instruction, learning environment, and counseling to our students at Kearny High School. By doing this I look to maximize each student’s potential today, tomorrow, and the years to follow. I look at each student as an investment. You will receive from a student what you put into that student in regards to time, motivation, and instruction. Just as important are the faculty and staff. It is paramount that they are provided with the resources that will assist them in the success of our students in the classroom.

5. What are you bringing to the table as the new Vice-Principal?

As a new Assistant Principal, I am bringing a management and educational style that I have developed in the classroom over the past 14 years. I will incorporate what has made me successful in the classroom with what I feel will make me effective in this position as Assistant Principal. Students should know that I am here to assist them in any way possible to ensure their success.

6. Is there anything you would like to say to the student body?

I look forward to meeting all of you when school returns. Continue to stay positive and work hard to complete your assignments. Remember that each and every one of you has the potential to do great things. “Stay positive and be positive and good things will happen.”

Kearny High School is undoubtedly excited for this new change!