Renaissance Points Available

Arwa Ouali

Renaissance points are a dream for students, as extra points are added to one assignment at the end of each marking period. For those who may not know what Renaissance points are, they are 4 to 10 extra credit points (depending on your grades the marking period before) that students can earn at the end of each marking period for all of their classes. As it was started over 20 years ago, this program is an incentive for students who work hard and was made to promote academics and proper behavior.

Even with this current situation, Kearny High School is now allowing students to apply for Renaissance points. The time to apply for Renaissance points is from 11/30/20 and ends on 12/14/20. The link can be found on the Naviance Student homepage under “Important To-Do’s and Tasks.” Click the link and complete the short registration form to earn points for the upcoming second marking period.