Dry Scooping at KHS

Dry Scooping at KHS

Arwa Ouali

Dry scooping is a practice where individuals scoop dry pre-workout mix and swallow it without dissolving it first in water. This practice has become a trend and was recently discovered in KHS. Dry scooping floods one’s system with caffeine with one swallow since the powder is not dissolved in water to dilute it. Dry scooping has become an issue as it can cause heart palpitations, a rise in blood pressure, chest pain, dizziness, trouble breathing, and other complications.


I had the chance to ask Mrs. Richardson about the issue.

1.Was the issue of dry scooping addressed after a student was found using it or was it a precaution after the trend became pronounced on social media? 

Yes, it was addressed.

2.Has any student reported having any health complications due to dry scooping? 

Not in Kearny

3.Are there any protocols in place to identify students who are dry scooping? Do students face any consequences if they are found to be dry scooping?

Yes; parental notification. 

4.If you have one message to students about why students shouldn’t be dry scooping, what would it be? 

Do your research before putting anything into your body that you are not educate [sic] abot.