Kearny High’s Exemplary Educators 

Daniela Moreno Reynoso

The New Jersey Exemplary Educator is a recognition award given to those who show true dedication to their profession. This year, two KHS teachers have been presented with the honor of receiving this award; our very own Mrs. Amy Baptista and Mrs. Kerry Goodlad. 

The NJ exemplary award is an excellent way for teachers to get recognition state-wide. This award is reserved for teachers who: 

  • Have a positive impact on their students, colleagues, and the school community
  • Possess a clear vision for quality teaching and learning

Both teachers were nominated by members of the board of education. This nomination was then processed by the governor’s office, as the program is run through the governor’s office. The awarded teacher then received the diploma through the mail.

“I completely forgot about it. I didn’t hear anything back so it just passed my mind. When I got the diploma through mail, I was surprised” said Mrs. Baptista. Sadly, any type of ceremony was not an option due to the COVID-19 virus. 

Former student, Jose Moreno, said “I believe they truly deserve this award. It makes me happy to see both of them are  getting the recognition they deserve. They both thought a lot of things, and not only academically. Also, I felt like they actually cared about me and my classmates. They are the reason I know how to speak English, and I will forever be grateful. Mrs. Baptista and Mrs. Goodlad are definitely one of the good ones.” 

As a part of the KHS community, we should all be proud of this accomplishment. Congrats to Ms. Bapista and Mrs. Goodlad!