AP Tips

Alex Ventura

With May rapidly approaching, it signifies the start of Advanced Placement testing for many students here at KHS. AP testing is something that many students dread as they’re concerned about how they’re going to get a passing score. The Kearnian is here to help as we provide you with helpful tips to have a better experience on your test day. Unfortunately, we cannot offer specific recommendations for specific AP courses because of how different the subjects are, ranging from AP sciences to AP history. But, whether you’re an experienced or first-time test taker, here are five helpful tips to help you get a five on your AP tests.


  1. Study and practice

Studying and practicing is the best way to prepare for your AP tests; for many of you, there are still weeks until your first test, so use this time to review your knowledge and practice your skills. Remember that the test accumulates all the knowledge you gathered from the school year, so it might be time for a refresher. Studying after school by yourself or with friends is a great way to prepare for the test. 


  1. Use outside sources to study 

There are a lot of online resources that provide guidance and insight into how to prepare for the test. Collegeboard does daily review videos that go over the material from the course. These videos can be found in AP classroom or youtube. Additionally, there are other youtube channels that provide daily reviews, such as Heimler’s History.


  1. Research your test

If your teacher hasn’t already, look into the actual format of the test and break it down to see exactly how much time you have on test day for each particular section. This way, on test day, you won’t be surprised by any test format but instead, have a strategy in mind to most efficiently use your time. 


  1. Come prepared on test day

Make sure you have a good night’s rest before your test day. Then, on test day, make sure you have breakfast and come with all the materials you’ll need for your test. Essential materials can include pencils, pens, and calculators. A checklist of things to bring can be beneficial so make sure you research what to bring and what not to bring. 


  1. Don’t overly stress the test

An AP test is just that, a test. Nothing terrible will happen if you don’t get a 5. You still get your AP credit as long as you take the test. Of course, everyone wants to get a five, but it can be very easy to overly stress over the test, leading to burnout and panic on the day of the test. Instead, you should view the test as an accomplishment of your hard work and dedication throughout the school year, you’re almost there, and all that’s left is one test. Having this mentality will help you feel better about the AP test and hopefully help you to get the possible score. 

Regardless of how the test goes, it is a great accomplishment to make it through a rigorous AP class. At the end of the day, all anyone can ask of you is to try your best for this test—best of luck to all the AP testers from the Kearnian.