School Dress Code Update

Arwa Ouali

Following a recent dress down day in May, the principal, Mrs. Richardson, issued a statement regarding the lack of appropriate attire worn by students. She warned of consequences including no dress down days if students did not heed the warning.

A subsequent email to families and each student provided more detail about the Kearny School District’s school uniform provision of dress and grooming adopted in which the Board of Education believes is beneficial since “school dress can influence pupil behavior and enhance a school’s learning environment.”

The policy summarized states that clothing worn to school must be in good condition and not present a health or safety hazard. Additionally, skirts and shorts that are disruptive to the education and t-shirts with graphics that are obscene or display substance abuse or illegal activities are not permitted to be worn in the school. Skin-tight clothing, revealing tops, and undergarments are prohibited. Moreover, costumes and athletic uniforms are not permissible unless there is a special occasion and these articles of clothing are deemed to be allowed..

A dress down will take place on May 26th which will determine, based on students’ choices of clothing, whether there will be any dress down days in the 2022-23 school year. Mrs. Richardson wrote “I have made an announcement that students who come dressed not according to our policy, will be sent home for the day and will not be permitted to enter the building or have the opportunity to cover up.”

Mrs. Richardson ended with the statement “I appreciate your understanding in this matter and hope that my final verbal warning and this letter will solve the issue.”