Thank you, Mr. Adamski

Arwa Ouali and Sabrina Stroman


Since early in his career, Mr. Adamski was the adviser for the Kearnian Newspaper. With a major in Journalism, he was the perfect candidate for this position with the retirement of the previous advisor.

When I first joined the Kearnian, I was invited by a friend to get a feel for the club. This was my sophomore year and I remember distinctly that we were in the midst of the pandemic. I was looking forward to occupying my time with something I would enjoy. During my first meeting in October, I learned that Mr. Adamski was leading the meetings. Coincidentally, or not, Mr. Adamski was also my APUSH teacher! Since the day I joined, I felt like I had a place in this club. With each article assigned to me, I relaxed and flowed into the rhythm of the club.

After tenth grade concluded, I had not only felt comfortable with writing and the structure associated with journalism, but I became one of the primary website managers and editors of the members’ writings. When eleventh grade became, I not only had Mr. Adamski as the club’s advisor but also as my AP US History II teacher. His presence in the classroom mimicked the atmosphere in the Kearnian. With many familiar faces from class in the club, it was enjoyable to watch the seniors, at that time, prepare for applications and the interactions all students had with each other, regardless of their grade. The conversations we all had allowed students to connect history with journalism and express themselves through editorials that were published periodically.

Since Mrs. Sosa has taken over for Mr. Adamski, I feel that the club is in good hands and with a change comes new ideas and proposals to increase the visibility of the KHS Newspaper and create a more diverse group of writers. With our current meetings, I feel that Mrs. Sosa has kept up and spent numerous hours of her own time learning how to navigate the website and have a smooth transition of power.


Hello Kearnian readers! For those of you that don’t know, I am one half of the chief editors for the Kearnian (the other half being Arwa). I won’t lie and say that I haven’t been writing as much as I would’ve expected at first, but a new year brings new challenges and all sorts of things to keep me busy (I say as I am currently writing this in notes app on PSAT morning). Even so, writing just one article when I have the time is enough to remind me how much I enjoy it and this club! It’s still a new year and I know everyone is super busy trying to keep up and adjust. I’d first like to say good job to everyone reading and keep up the good work even though there have been all sorts of changes to the school; one thing that’s roughly been the same are the clubs. As you all know by now the Kearnian had a change of advisor due to the “promotion” of Mr. Adamski (you can read all about it on the page). I first heard this news during the first week of school when I had to do all sorts of maneuvers to get to the library and chat with him and Mrs. Sosa 8th period. Granted I was a little suspicious of Mr. Adamski telling the news so nonchalantly but knowing his personality and his new position I also saw it coming. I did feel very relieved though to see the Kearnian fall into the familiar hands of Mrs. Sosa. 

For a bit of background I’ve been a member of the Kearnian since my freshman year and I was brought into it with a friend of mine. I very much remember the first meeting I went to where I just walked it, said I would return in November when my sports season was over, and walked out. November came and I walked in again to a comfy and fun atmosphere even with my unfamiliar face there and I was immediately singled out by Mr. Adamski and given an article. I found it really funny that all the new members immediately got an article to do as almost a rite of passage. After that I fell into a comfortable rhythm with the club and established a good connection with the co-presidents at the time, and the club was almost basically indirectly handed down to me by them when they graduated.

From evolving from a Google site to an actual website with trial and error and now transitioning to a new advisor has been quite the journey for me. I understand how some people could have feelings of uncertainty or awkwardness but for me knowing these two teachers as people and being in their classes helped me be more comfortable around them. I can express my thoughts and emotions more freely than if our new advisor was almost a complete stranger. I like to think that I am very comfortable in the new atmosphere and my high position in the club helps the younger students  feel more comfortable. I’ve also been pleasantly surprised by Mrs. Sosa’s enthusiasm and tireless effort to support us and foster new ideas as well as Mr. Adamski lending a helping hand every once in a while. I think we have a nice system going for us and I’m really excited to see what else we’ll have in store for the year and even how the club is going to change after I graduate. So stay tuned and keep up the good work everyone! 


We would both like to thank Mr. Adamski for all the effort he put in to help us both grow as writers but more importantly as student leaders of the Kearnian.