Interview with Senior Class Advisor

Emely Ramirez

Each year, as a new class of freshmen come into KHS, they have a class advisor. The class advisor stays with them until they are seniors. The Class of 2023 had the pleasure of having Ms. Advocat as their advisor. Ms. Advocat has been with the class of 2023 since they were freshmen, throughout the past four years, she’s helped raise money for prom, graduation, events, and any other funding that goes to the class of 2023. I had a chance to ask her a few questions about the upcoming school year and what she has planned for the senior class. 

  • What is it like being class advisor, what are you in charge of?
  • Being a class advisor is something that I love to do. To get to know the students personally is an understatement. You really become a team and try to make the best of the 4 years possible. Over the course of the 4 years, you are in charge of multiple fundraisers (Dress Down, Data Match, Senior Play, 12-days of Christmas show, Chocolate sales) as well as the Proms.
  •  With the new KHS policies and dress down days being the biggest way to earn money for the senior class, what are some new ways you’re going to fundraise?
  • We are happy to see dress downs are back for the moment, which the seniors will have one on November 18th. We have started to run a chocolate sale, christmas tree decorating contest in case that did not happen. We made sure we had multiple other options in place.
  • What should the senior class expect this year such as activities, fundraising, etc?
  • As I just mentioned, we are trying to do a Christmas tree decorating contest as well as possibly holding a “Winter Formal”. We just started to talk about the formal and hope we can get something set up for the whole school to attend.
  • You’ve been the class advisor of the class of 2023 for the past four years, what has been one of your favorite parts and or memory from all these years?
  • Due to COVID, most of my memories come from freshman and senior year. Freshman year, my biggest memory was preparing for battle of the classes. We were working on tie-dye shirts, which was an absolute mess but fun as well as a dance, which we know how our dance moves are freshman year. Junior year, all of the students finally showed their personality and really just shine each day. And who can forget when Ava Hyams killed the Oreo eating contest! That was amazing.
  • Do you have any advice for the senior class?
  • Advice for their senior year would be just have fun and take it all in. High School is one of the best times of your life. After senior year, never stop growing and expand your horizons. If you can travel, try to see the world. If you can do something to change for the better, you or your surroundings, try to make the difference. And always remember I am here for help or just to be there on the journey!