Ms. Muffet Contest- AP Biology

Arwa Ouali

Every year Miss Tejedor’s AP Bio Class makes cheese as one of their projects around the end of unit 2 and beginning of unit 3. After the pandemic, this tradition continues and is enjoyed by teachers who come by. With a class size of nine students, there were a bit less samples for teachers to judge but it allowed for more deliberation time.


I had a chance to interview some of the teachers who tried the cheese. Their responses are below.


Mrs. Macedo-

The students all did a wonderful job.  Maybe I’m being biased because I absolutely adore all of the students in that class from having had the privilege of teaching them in previous years; such wonderful human beings.  You could tell that they put some time into perfecting their cheeses, and I know many of them had to go through a lot of trial and error to get their cheese to that level.  I don’t recall exactly which “specimen” of cheese was my favorite, but there were two that stood out to me.  These two were tasty and the perfect texture; not too crumbly and not too mushy/chewy.  I was able to spread them well on a cracker and still taste the flavor of the cheese mixed into the flavor of the cracker.


Mrs. Hart-

I really enjoyed tasting all of the student made cheeses. I think everyone did a fabulous job; there was not a bad cheese that I tasted (and I love cheese). You could say I’m a cheese connoisseur if you will…

The cheese I ended up choosing stuck out to me because it was well seasoned and submerged in a tasty olive oil mixture. I enjoyed the smooth texture and flavor the most.

Perhaps the best part of being invited to the Ms. Muffett contest was the feeling of normalcy it brought. We were virtual for quite a bit and it’s refreshing to do something that has been a time honored tradition for so long…


Ms. Iannotta-

I feel the students did an awesome job! It was so great to see all of their cheeses. The cheese which was my favorite was the one with the mozzarella- like consistency. I believe it was specimen 6. I enjoyed this cheese because it was sitting in oil.


Mr. Conde-

I had no idea the students made them at first! It was such a cool experience to try this out!! I was impressed by the products! I had many favorite cheeses! I forget which one was my favorite! But I was impressed with all the cheeses!!


The winner of the contest is Izzy followed by Cassandra and Stephanie.