World Cup- Teacher Perspective


Arwa Ouali

The World Cup is normally held during the end of the school year but this year it occurred between the 1st and 2nd marking period. Kearny, which is known for its soccer teams and enthusiastic fans, could not, not watch this year’s World Cup. Many of these games fell on school days between 3rd and 8th period. While teachers did their best to refocus their students’ attention to the topic, realistically they knew the challenge of students becoming antsy, wondering what the score was.

I had a chance to ask some teachers how they handled the World Cup occurring during their class periods.

Mr. Correnti- “It has had a minimal impact on my student’s focus and my ability to teach my classes. Students have been able to multitask by both completing work and watching/following the games at the same time. With the exception of one or two students, most students seem to be okay with that arrangement. I have also structured my lessons to accommodate the games, especially ones that impact our students directly as I understand the cultural impact the World Cup has on our students.”

Mrs. Cassidy- “Many of my students are very passionate about the World Cup. so I use it as an opportunity for discussion and daily writing prompts.”