The End of Flex Days!


Adrian Linares


On December 18th, 2020  the Board of Ed issued an email to all teachers announcing the end of all flex days. This decision will go into effect on January 11th, 2021.  It’s suspected that this decision was made to address complaints expressed by parents during board meetings as well as the need to prolong remote learning.

Since then there’s been considerable unrest amongst students, especially those who have additional familial responsibilities and hardships as a result of quarantine. The remote learning structure has had a few adaptations since the initiation of online learning in March 2020.

However, this new schedule is less accommodating. Originally in March, students were never required to meet with teachers. Then during September 2020, since the board decided against initiating Hybrid learning due to worries of increasing COVID-19 cases, a combination of structured and flex days started. Monday at 6 pm there will be a board meeting. Check updates on the Kearny High School website. Students and parents are encouraged to attend and express their concerns.