Why or Why not Sports Should be Played this Season


Adrian Linares and Maci Covello

For Sports:

     I am Maci Covello, a Sophomore at Kearny High. I am a varsity soccer, basketball, and softball player. Playing sports has helped me to be physically disciplined, mentally sharp, and socially healthy. Due to COVID, there has been controversy about whether sports should be canceled or permitted. Athletics are vitally important and therefore, should be permitted.

     Athletics keeps us physically healthy, so if we contract this terrible virus, our bodies will be more capable of overcoming the illness. Developing game plans prior to games requires mental sharpness. This process keeps our minds healthy and focused on a singular goal. With so much downtime during distance learning, if we are not careful to keep mentally sharp, we may become distracted with fewer healthy options or poor life choices.

     A top complaint among many of us is the inability to gather safely in school hallways, at parties, or during downtime between classes. Athletics allows us to feel a sense of normality while maintaining a high level of safety. Administrators, coaches, and players alike work together to keep us safe while we practice, take bus rides, and hang out with teammates who become close friends. Currently, athletics is the only safe way for us to get fit, keep focused, and be social. Athletes, coaches, and administrators are working endlessly to maintain our COVID protocol and to enforce and follow the CDC’s recommendations. We are safe when we play sports, and when we play sports, we stay safe.

Against Sports:

     Athletes are understandably concerned with not only their physical health but their future. Many students aim to get into a top college, obtain a scholarship, or get scouted so sports definitely play a big role in their goal. Physical activity is undeniably necessary to maintain a balanced and healthy lifestyle and Sports are a great way to do so.

     However, in-person sports practice isn’t necessary nor ideal during a pandemic. The CDC lists team-based practice as “increasing risk” and everything about that increases severity. The safest option to continue with sports is by having students practice at home drills and conditioning alone or with family, as recommended by the CDC.

     This is an especially big concern for Kearny as our rates have been spiking since the beginning of October. We cannot say that athletes are safe either since there have already been several outbreaks within the KHS sports teams. This has caused a temporary shutdown of sports and even pushed back the PSATs for Juniors until January! 

     Even if KHS claims to be following all CDC guidelines it doesn’t eliminate the risk of catching COVID-19. Athletes may be concerned with their future, but they should realize COVID-19 could put a complete end to it. It’s less likely for a teenager to die from COVID-19, but it’s still possible. Even if you’re fine with catching it, you are putting other people’s lives and families in jeopardy.

    We’re all craving a sense of normalcy, but the world isn’t “normal”. These are very real circumstances and the pandemic isn’t going to disappear anytime soon if we don’t start treating it more seriously. The sooner it’s addressed, and the less in-person contact we have with one another, the sooner we can all return to our “normal” lives.