Coming Back to KHS!

Arwa Ouali

For the health and safety of our community, Kearny schools have remained closed for three quarters of the year. Now with protocols and other guidance, the schools are ready to reopen. With directions on the floor to guide student movement to hand sanitizers and smaller classes to account for social distancing, Kearny has gone far to make reopening possible. 

In the high school, Cohort A students have returned for Monday, April 19th and Tuesday, April 20th. Cohort B students will return on Thursday, April 22nd and Friday, April 23rd. For those who have returned, the experience has been nostalgic as students haven’t been in classrooms for over a year. However, with the pandemic we are in, the return back will not be the ‘normal’ we remembered before we left in March 2020.

Classrooms have desks tapped off to ensure social distancing among students and teachers’ desks have plexiglass to further prevent the spread of particles between students and teachers. In addition, a temperature scanner at each of the four entrances have been prepared for the return of students and staff, alike.

For those students who remain virtual and haven’t had the chance to see the inside of the high school building, Kearnian members have taken some images of the building and classrooms.