COVID Procedures at School and Home

Arwa Ouali

COVID is undeniably the greatest shock so far in the 21st century. Through it all we hurt together and strived for success over the virus. To provide a safe learning environment, Kearny High School has implemented procedures hoping to minimize the effects of COVID spreading among students and staff alike. In addition, the school has taken extra precautions and planned a temporary remote environment in the case that a student tests positive and needs to be quarantined for the health of the student and those around. 

KHS has installed temperature readers and requires individuals in the building to mask up to mitigate the spread of airborne particles. Students have been physically separated in classrooms and try to observe social distancing in the hallways. Hand sanitizers are available in classrooms. Classrooms are cleaned periodically and immediately when a student tests positive.

In the event that a student or staff member tests positive, classrooms are immediately closed down and families are notified about the incident. The classrooms are disinfected and they can be used as early as the next day.

In cases where students test positive, they may need to be quarantined for up to ten days. While out of school, students are faced with memories of virtual learning as they try to navigate a special google classroom they are given access to for the duration they remain home. Students have to try and keep up as much as possible and must wait until they return to school to make up any assessments.

As long as the virus lingers around, we will be faced with the uncertainties it brings. The best way to reduce the risk of catching the virus is to keep a mask on and avoid overcrowded areas as much as possible.