Individuality in an Age of Masking Up


Juliette Viera

After a year of virtual school and the delight of pajamas all week, students have come back to the norm. With a new school year beginning in KHS, the hallways have yet again been filled with red and black pride. Students have come back with the respected school uniforms and id badges that have been around every year. The major difference now in 2021-2022 is the mandatory mask policy keeping students safe from COVID-19. However, this doesn’t stop our peers from ditching their own style, even when the options are limited. 

From the average discardable masks to fun (protective) fabrics or patterns, students have been presenting new ways to maintain style that everyone can join in on while staying safe. Now that a month of KHS re-opening has passed, we’ve become accustomed to seeing our peers’ top half of their faces. Many make statements with just a fun mask meanwhile others go beyond and accentuate their eye’s for all to see. 

They say the ‘eyes are the window to your soul!’~

Trendy hairdos and colors have been strutted throughout our hallways all month. The most common look that’s been spreading around is the claw clip updo being presented by our longer-haired classmates. Dyed colorful hair has also been thriving this year, let’s just say our students had a lot of free time over quarantine.

 There’s also been a variety of jewelry being worn by all students. From silver rings to statement piece earrings and so much more. Many of our classmates have gotten into accessorizing now that clothing pieces are off the table. Even with uniforms and masks, it’s not impossible to not express yourself. 

 Being in classes for most of our days has limited students all around to learn more things about themselves. Every year teens change interests and continue to find new ways to illustrate themselves. Fashion and style start’s to become the biggest way to grow as an individual. After a year in quarantine and a lack of social interactions, students have managed to pick themselves up and get ready for a new exciting school year with their new looks. 

 Our students at KHS aren’t going to let profile photos or empty screens define who they are!