Kardinal Mascot Mystery


Alex Ventura

As spirit week is underway, students have had concerns over the absence of the Kearny Kardinal. The Kardinal is the school mascot who is usually at school pep rallies and other school events. The Kardinal is known for its distinct appearance of a giant Cardinal bird with the signature red and black school colors. However, this year, the Kardinal has yet to make an appearance at any pep rallies or athletic events. Follow along as we investigate the mysterious disappearance of the beloved Kardinal.

With raised concerns over a potential robbery, the Kearnian approached teachers and school officials for an official explanation. Our investigation led us to Mr. Almeida, the director of athletics. First, Mr. Almeida cites the disappearance due to “covid concerns and the inability to clean the Kardinal after every use.” Mr. Almeida explains that the Kardinal usually sees different people wear it throughout the year but with covid protocols, that’s not possible due to health concerns. Furthermore, the recent closure of Cleaner America, a dry cleaner in town, has left the school without a reliable dry cleaner that can safely clean the Kardinal suit after each use. These simultaneous issues have led to the disappearance of the Kardinal without a solution in sight. 

All hope is not lost however, Mr. Almeida said that the Kardinal may make an appearance sooner rather than later. Perhaps at a certain major Kearny sporting event happening this week. The Kearnian will be sure to update on any new sightings .