KHS Senior Play: A Tradition in a Time of New

Brianna Janeira

One of Kearny High School’s most beloved traditions, the annual Senior play, is in the works! With the experience of directing a play in a time of many firsts, Ms.Gonzalez, the KHS chorus teacher and director of this year’s Senior play, offers details about this new process.


1.What is the play called?

Nun of Your Business- A Comedy by Craig Sodaro

2.What is the play about?

The show centers on the Sisters of St. Fermilda who live in a convent located in a run-down neighborhood. They take their vows of reverence and poverty very seriously until they are met with some hard-nosed hoods who try to get the best of them. These sisters will stop at nothing to serve their community even if it means breaking a few vows in order to save their convent!  

3.Why did you choose this play?

Since the Senior Play is a fundraiser, we like to choose comedies to draw more of an audience.  A comedy seemed more necessary this year considering the rough year- and a half everyone experienced due to the pandemic. I try to choose shows that fit the personalities of the seniors who have been involved in all of our school productions since freshman year. This year in particular, we have a large group of females who have been dedicated performers so I chose a show with many female lead roles.  

4.How has the turn out been with students auditioning?

The turnout for auditions this year was surprisingly amazing! Not only did we get a huge turnout with boys auditioning, we usually have to recruit more boys, all of those who auditioned were actually super talented. In fact, we double cast some roles to give more students an opportunity to perform on stage.  

5.What has the hardest part of directing a play during COVID been? 

Luckily our student actors are mature enough to understand the severity of this virus so they always wear their masks appropriately and wash their hands frequently. We try to maintain social distancing to the best of our ability, but some scenes call for physical gestures such as handshaking, hugging, and some slapstick comedy bits involving minor brawling. Any “brawls” are carefully choreographed to maintain the safety and well-being of all those involved.

6.Are there going to be any restrictions for the audience during the show?

Audience members must wear a mask and sit one seat apart from others. 

7.When can we see the play?

The play will take place on December 10 and 11, 2021 in the Kearny High School auditorium.