Kearny Soccer Wins (11/11)

Kearny Soccer Wins (11/11)

Victoria Kulikowski


(Photo and video credit: Glenda Arenas) 

Kearny never fails to show passion for soccer. As the boy’s soccer sectional final vs West Hudson came close, the announcements were full of dates and support for the team. Now, on November 11th, we can say Kearny High School has won yet another final round! The game itself was nothing short of intense and frustrating; here is the breakdown. 

In the first half, Kearny did poorly. West Hudson scores a goal in the first 2-3 minutes, leaving the crowd in shock. After this goal, Kearny struggled to get back on their feet, and their next successful attempt at shooting comes half an hour later. In this attempt, the players dribble close to the lines, constantly guarding their place, and Kearny’s last kick is made. Reaching the other side of the goal, another Kearny player kicks it in and the crowd goes wild! In seconds, the referee is holding up a flag and the goal is called out of bounds, disappointing for Kearny. 

With a score of 0-1, the second half starts at a disadvantage for KHS. Everyone is tense, waiting for that goal to turn the tables. Then, an opportunity comes. As a West Hudson player knocked down one of ours, we got a penalty kick and it was well open. Scoring a beautiful penalty kick, Kearny ties the score at 21 minutes until the second quarter ends. Other than this goal, nothing significant occurs other than a major jump collision between Kearny’s goalie and a West Hudson player, leaving both on the ground for a while. 

The game ends in a tie of 1-1 but that leaves the championship unresolved, so referees decided to add two 10-minute golden goal slots to the clock. This way, the team who scores the goal in these 10 minutes wins. Kearny’s audience is doubtful as 8 minutes pass and nothing happens, but in the last minute, our team gets their head on straight and scores a two-person goal! One kick from the corner and one kick to get it in, and our place as winners is secured! 

The crowd sprung up from their seats and screamed. Our energy was unmatched, chanting, yelling, and especially the exclamations. You truly have not seen Kearny until you see our soccer games.