Sports Roundup 4

Sports Roundup 4

Victoria Kulikowski

Tournaments continue for Kearny High School! Our soccer teams keep winning but other teams lack in score. Right before the holiday breaks our school has seen success in many forms, especially with the boys soccer team winning their semifinal game on Tuesday, heading to the finals on Saturday. 


Girls Volleyball stays on the losing end, even with just two games in the past weeks. All hope may have died out, but maybe the teamwork or receiving end just did not cut it this year. With the season finished, all we can do is hope the next tryouts bring better results! 

Girls Volleyball Scores:

10/26 vs Union, lost 2-0 

10/27 vs St Dominic, lost 2-1


Girls Soccer had a good sprint in the Hudson county and NJSIAA tournaments, but West Orange was too much of an obstacle, leaving them with a loss and end to the tournament for the KHS girls soccer team. 

Girls Soccer Scores:

10/28 vs North Bergen, won 4-0 (Hudson county tournament final round) 

11/2 vs Fair Lawn, won 4-0 (NJSIAA tournament 1st round) 

11/5 vs West Orange, lost 2-0 (NJSIAA quarterfinals) 


Our county champs are on a winning streak this year! Pushing through the Hudson county tournament and into the state semifinals, our teamwork shines. Kearny presents impressive teamwork on the field and that is the deciding factor between winners and losers when it comes to soccer, as goals cannot be scored alone. Let’s hope that the practice pays off for state finals on November 20th! 

Boys Soccer Scores:

10/28 vs Harrison, won 2-1 (Hudson county tournament final round) 

11/1 vs Barringer, won 10-0 (NJSIAA tournament 1st round) 

11/4 vs Montclair, won 2-0 (NJSIAA quarterfinals) 

11/8 vs Passaic, won 6-1 (NJSIAA semifinals) 

11/11 vs West Orange, won 2-1 (NJSIAA final round for north jersey section 1 group 4) 

11/16 vs Elizabeth, tied 2-2 but won penalties (NJSIAA semifinal round for group 4) 


Even though the football season ended, this is the last game they played in the last two weeks, so it is included in this roundup. Just by looking at the difference in points, it was not a great game. 

Football Scores: 

10/29 vs Union City, lost 54-7